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∆ Elmwood calcita on Sphalerite and Dolomite matrix cluster, pure magic!

∆ One of a kind, measuers aprox 7 x 5 inches, weights  3.10lbs 

Makes an amazing coffee table statement piece! This is a collectors piece.


The Elmwood mine is now closed and specimens are becoming harder to find. This is a great piece from a private collection, This is a piece from old collectors stock. 


The calcite found at Elmwood Mine is among the most famous in the world, attaining notability for the sheer size of its dogtooth crystals. Specimens of calcite often take a golden brown hue marked by translucence, but milky white crystals have also been found. The largest crystals measure over one foot long.


Crystals are natural and have falws and inclusions, these are consider part of the design and not a defect

listing is for the one cluster in the photos 

final sale 

USA shipping only


  • .-due to volume of orders please allow 1 to 3 weeks for me to finish and ship your order, thank you

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