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∆ Smoky Quartz Crystal  point with crystal quartz moon detail. Colors within the smoky vary from brown togrey to beige, each is truly unique
∆  Prong cage, gold or silver plated.
∆ 18 inch chain, brass or silver plated
∆ Each is One of a kind
∆ Designed & put together by BCP
∆ All crystals have natural flaws and inclusions as they are made by Mother earth, 100% genuine crystals.
Crystal picked at intuitively from the stock



  • I cleanse every crystal before sending it to you, since crystals may absorb vibrations from anything in the environment where they are located. To create positive energy within your crystals they need to be cleansed. The Smoky Quartz crystal is a grounding stone known for its ability to help you move on from difficult or painful experiences. It guides you to a higher state of being, a place where you can let go of the past so that it makes you better, not bitter. Leave the past in the past and move on toward a brighter future with the help of the Smoky Quartz crystal properties.Because of its darker color, the Smoky Quartz crystal healing properties are well-suited to removing negative energy or unwanted energy. The stone cleanses and purifies your energy field and allows you to hand over the energies you want to release to your crystal- Due to volume of orders please allow 1 to 2 weeks for shipping.--PLEASE READ SHOP POLICIES---- Listing is for 1 necklace PICKED AT RANDOM, ALL UNIQUE

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