∆ Snow Quartz Crystal  point, BCP DESIGN 
∆ Dragon chain
∆ 18 inch gold plated chain  ( if you need a longer chain please leave a note, can extend it up to 20 inches)
∆ Each is One of a kind
∆ rough gold plated Detail
∆ Designed & put together by BCP
This necklace comes with a barbell, please make sure you tighten it before wear.


Snow Quartz’s white and sometimes icy-looking appearance symbolizes clarity and innocence.

This crystal will help you see the world through clear and bright eyes, and it will allow you to see all the wonders that this universe can readily give you!

It’s a crystal that will activate your crown chakra, and it will help you in connecting with your higher self and with your spirit guides.

Wearing a piece of Snow Quartz or having it in your environment will help dispel your negative emotions and thoughts.

It will help you gain a more positive and powerful perspective!


  • I cleanse every crystal before sending it to you, since crystals may absorb vibrations from anything in the environment where they are located. To create positive energy within your crystals they need to be cleansed. These are the crystals that can be used in your meditation practice to help you focus and assist you when attempting to connect with your power source. Calms the emotions and creates clarity of thought.  Due to volume of orders please allow 1 to 2 weeks for shipping.--PLEASE READ SHOP POLICIES---- Listing is for 1 necklace PICKED AT RANDOM, ALL UNIQUE