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∆ Such a fun gift, for you to give to someone special or just to surprise yourself! You will receive one crystal ball

∆ Makes a great housewarming gift!,

∆ Crystals will vary but they will all be sphere shapes, they will all weigh over 1 lb and measure about 3 inches

∆ Photos show examples of some items you may receive, however you may receive items that are also completely different from the ones pictured.

∆ Items that come in the mystery box can NOT be exchanged, this combination is Final sale

Please note that there may be natural flaws present in the crystals which is considered part of the design & not as damage, all the crystals are real and therefor they are not perfect.

Crystals are sourced in Brazil, Uruguay and China for fluorite & garden Quartz

Due to volume of orders, pease allow me 1 week for me to finish & ship your order.


  •  Final Sale

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