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∆ Large Yooperlite bat, 3+inches

∆ Each one of a kind

∆ 18 inches long gunmetal chain

∆ All with natural flaws and inclusions.

Bat sits in a dumbell, please make sure everytime that its tight before wearing it


Yooperlite is a recently discovered healing crystal that used to improve the body, mind, and spirit. It is made up of mostly sodalite and can be found in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, above Lake Superior. Yooperlites are interesting because they are glowing rocks when placed under UV light.

The metaphysical and physical uses of Yooperlite are vast and varied. Some people believe that Yooperlite can be used to connect with the spiritual world, while others claim that it has powerful healing properties. Still others believe that Yooperlite can be used to attract positive energy into your life, or to protect you from negative energy.



Out of Stock
  •  Due to volume of orders please allow 1 to 2 weeks for shipping.--PLEASE READ SHOP POLICIES---- Listing is for 1 necklace 

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