∆ Tall Semi rough self standing fire crystal quartz

∆ Each one of a kind, measuers aprox 7 inches tall  weights 1 lbs aprox

please note that it is not perfectly polish at the base

Crystals are natural and have falws and inclusions, these are consider part of the design and not a defect

listing is for ONE point

final sale

USA shipping only


The soothing properties of kiwi jasper have been known to balance vibrations, bringing inner harmony and peace. The stone also aligns the body with Earth’s frequency for elevated mental stability so you can better handle reality as well as let go when needed!


  •  These gemstones come from New Zealand and were discovered there in 2014. It’s a fantastic stone for sustaining and supporting you during stressful times.

    -due to volume of orders please allow 1 to 3 weeks for me to finish and ship your order, thank you