∆ Tall Semi rough self standing Brecciated crystal 

∆ Each one of a kind, measuers aprox 7 inches  tall, weights 4- 7 lbs 

please note that it is not  perfectly polish at the base

Crystals  have natural falws and inclusions, these are consider part of the design and not a defect

listing is for ONE point

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Brecciated Jasper

The purple aspect of this crystal is purple fluorite, this crystal is brecciated. The word “brecciated” comes from the geology term breccia, which refers to gemstones made up of various fragments cemented together into a fine-grained matrix. Brecciated Jaspers will contain other minerals, inclusions, organic material or iron which determine their color and pattern. Purple Brecciated Jasper brings mental clarity and focus, uplifting and rejuvenating the Crown Chakra and connecting it to the Root Chakra. This is a strong, grounded stone that you can work with to bring in confidence and creative inspiration. Your crystal  may also contain plume chrysocolla, chalcedony, sylvanite, uranocircite, and henrichite.


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  • Since crystals may absorb vibrations from anything in the environment where they are located. To create positive energy within your crystals they need to be cleansed. I pic these randomly, they are all unique and beautiful ! Seller makes no claims that this item has supernatural powers, it is a curiosity item only. This is not a replacement for medical or professional help.

    -due to volume of orders please allow 1 to 3 weeks for me to finish and ship your order, thank you