∆ Agate point, gold or silver plated, faceted.

∆ 26 inch steel chain ( If you prefer an 18 inch chain please leae me a note)

∆ Each unique, they all vary in size and color, all shades of greys/browns.
∆ color will be picked at random from the lot


If you have have a color preference between grey/blue & brown shades, leave me a note and i'll do my best to match it to the color of your choice, however if this color is not available, ill send a random one


  • The agate is one of the oldest stones in recorded history. Keywords: Protection, Strength, Harmony Agate's most noticable properties overall are balancing yin/yang energy, courage, protection, healing, and calming. Agate is a stone of strength, enhances creativity and strengthens the intellect, making it a beneficial stone for both students and artists. It is also known as a good luck stone. As a stone of harmony, one of the things agate does is balance yin/yang energy. Emotionally, agate gives courage, emotional strength, self-confidence, and dispels fears. It can also lessen feelings of envy by grounding the emotions. In the same way, it assists with acceptance of all things. As far as relationships go, is a stone of marital and romantic fidelity. - Due to volume of orders please allow 1 to 2 weeks for shipping.--PLEASE READ SHOP POLICIES---- Listing is for 1 necklace PICKED AT RANDOM, ALL UNIQUE